The #1 Best Facial Whitening Soap In Thailand

Nu Skin Care Snail White Cleansing Soap is the No. 1 Best Facial Whitening Soap In Thailand. Snail white cleansing soap is whitening facial soap, and cleansing soap soap.
It is FDA approved in Thailand, GMP And Halal Certified. It is made from premium quality ingredients.
Snail White Cleansing Soap is own and managed by Nu Skin Care Thailand. The owner and maker of quality beauty products and cosmetics.

Why Snail White Cleansing soap?
Snail white cleansing soap is made from concentrated snail soap combines with honey and collagen. The high quality of ingredients produce from technology process by expert. Nano and collagen help your skin moisture and brighter. Also, get rid of acne, small pimple, freckles and black spots. Moreover it makes your skin look younger.

How to use: clean your face twice a day

Ingredients: glycerin,snail extract, Aloe vera, Honey extracts, turmeric extract, cucumber extract,vitamin b3,tamarind extract ,collagen,arbutin ,pearl extract,fragrance
FDA Registration #: 10-1-6010004441.

For more information, contact our line id: nuskincarethailand, whatsapp/viber: +66959606704

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